Are you a Chinese Restaurant lover? If the answer is yes, in a sure, you have visited Panda Express Restaurant regularly. How many times did you visit it in this week? You have to join Panda Express Survey and give your feedback there. As your gift, you may get a chance to enjoy a free meal on your next visit. Is that great?

About Panda Express Survey

To increase the customer's satisfaction, every restaurant has its ways. Panda Express Restaurant uses Panda Express Survey to know it.


In general, this way also has been tried by lots of restaurant in the world, especially in the USA. This survey provides the free space to the customers to share their complaints and even their recommendation to the restaurant. For the purpose, the restaurant can revise the weakness and the problems with it.

Where can I join Panda Express Survey?

For your ease, you may join in this online sur6vey by visiting the main website. In this case, you may visit or

The Rules in Panda Express Survey

As a legal survey, this portal has some rules. And, here they are:

• The first: The participants should be the resident of United States.

• The second: They should not be a part of Panda Express Employee. Even, this rule is available for its family also.

• The third: They must be at least 18 years old. If they are under it, they may ask help from their older siblings or their parent.

• The fourth: They have visited its restaurant in not more than seven days of the visit. In this occasion, they will get a survey invitation number on their last receipt.

• The fifth: Their language proficiency is available in English or Spanish. The language instruction in this survey uses these two languages. Also, you may choose between them.

The requisites in Panda Express Survey

To complete your survey as well as possible, you need to prepare some requisites. Here the following requisites are:

• Firstly: You must prepare a set of computer, tablet, or laptop. Maybe, you may use your mobile phone to access this survey.

• Secondly: You need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection. This article recommends you not to use a mobile data.

• Thirdly: You must prepare a pen or pencil to write down the reward code in the last section of the survey.

The Steps to Join in Panda Express Survey

Alright, you may start your survey by following these instructions:

• In the beginning section, you need to visit the main website at or

• Then, you have to send your survey invitation number. Also, you must give the information about your date and hour of your last visit. For your information, you can find this information on your last receipt.

• After that, you can rate some statements about Panda Express’ performance. In this section, you can rate from one to five. This number shows your satisfaction with it.

• If you are not satisfied with a rate, you can explore your review by giving the detail complaints and recommendation. In this section, this site will ask you a descriptive question. Then, you can write your answer as honest as possible.

• At last, you may give your personal information and submit your review. In the last section of the survey, this site maybe sends you a reward code. If you are lucky, it will appear on your screen. At that time, you must write it down on your current receipt.

Well, you have understood about the steps to join in Panda Express Survey. Now, it is your time to practice it guys. Wish you luck!