McDonald's Company provides some customer care bases which will be ready to serve the customers. All of the company's offers, restaurant franchising, and McdVoice are ready to be explained by the customer service. Even if you get some troubles or issues, you don't need to worry to share it with McDonald's Customer Service will serve the customers as friendly as possible. This article will help you understand the way to contact them and to take part in McdVoice Survey. Just in case you need an additional information, you can visit


What do You Know about McdVoice?

McDonald's Company is one of the biggest fast food chains in America. It has more than 3000 restaurants franchising across 114 countries in the world. Of course, it has employed for more than a thousand workers in every McDonald's Restaurant. Day after day, these numbers have been increased because of the largest number of the customers in each day of operation. Because of its large number of employees and McDonald's Locations, the problems may happen in every McDonald's Performance. But, to anticipate the inconvenient things among the customers, McDonald's prepared some customer care bases which will be ready to help the customers.

How to Contact McDonald's Customer Service?

In general, McDonald's Company offers some informational bases which can help the customers related to their specific issues. There are four available bases; those are Restaurant Feedback, General Inquiry, Trademark Permission, Mobile App Feedback. Every single issue has its own menu. To contact them, you can visit McDonald's main website at www.McDonald' and choose the menu “Contact-us.”

Once you reached the site, you can choose the informational bases related to your issues. They will be ready to answer you via email. In this case, you only need to fill some personal information boxes and share your questions. Just in case you need the immediate answer from McDonald's Customer Service, you should select some of the best ways below. And, here they are:

  • Customer Service Phone Number, to deal this way you can contact them at +1800 244 6227. They will be ready every day started at 07.00 AM to 07.00 PM.
  • Customer Service Mailing Address, another way to contact the customer service is through a letter. In this occasion, you can send the letter to McDonald's Headquarter Office in McDonald's Corporation 2111 McDonald's Dr., Oak Brook, Illinois 60523.

What do You Know about McdVoice?

When you want to share the feedback about McDonald's Company while you get an opportunity to win the reward, you must take part in McdVoice. This survey is the online survey platform which is handled by Mcdonald's Company. It will be available at The first thing that you can do in McdVoice Survey is about to visit McDonald's Restaurant, enjoy the meal, completing the payment, and receive the receipt from McDonald's Staff. Not just a simple paper, that receipt has any important information such as McdVoice Survey Code, and the detail information about the last visit.

What will be Discussed in McdVoice

Before talking much about the walkthrough in McdVoice, it is better to know about the material included. Of course, you need to understand and remember your eatery experience with McDonald's. Further, it is about your current visit. In general, the material that will be discussed in this survey are:

  • General eatery experience
  • McDonald's Menu Quality and Quantity
  • McDonald's Menu Prices
  • Employee's manner and services
  • The customers' willingness for suggesting and come to the store
  • The store appearances, and much more review.

What should You do in McdVoice?

Anyway, McdVoice has a same customer survey platform style such as MyKFCExperience, GuestObsessed Survey, and much more examples. If it is not your first-time fir giving the survey, of course, you will be easy to finish every section in an easy way. Just in case it is your first turn, this article will give you the simple guide. And, here they are:

  • Guide one:

In the first section, you should launch your internet browser then go to the main survey website at Once you arrived at the site, you need to be sure that you are familiar with English instruction. But if you are not sure about your skill, you don't need to force your self. It is better to change the language instruction into Spanish. The menu will be available on the middle top side of the website entitled “Espanola”.

  • Guide two:

Then, you can start to open the site by sending the survey invitation numbers, or if you are getting troubles to send that number, you can open your current visit information. You don't need to worry because the site will give you the example through the available picture.

  • Guide three:

For the next, you may answer some McdVoice's Questions. In the first section, you can start by giving the rates to the statements. And, for the second section, you can write down the answer. In this occasion, you can support your answer with some complaints or suggestions.

  • Guide four:

Shortly after you finished the survey, you will accept McdVoice Validation Code. At that time, you need to write it down to your receipt and bring it on your next visit. As you know, the validation code will lead you to get McDonald's Coupon.

Well, you may start to share your problems and stay connected with McDonald's Customer Service. They are so friendly and pleasant. And, don't forget to take part in See you there!