Hurray! We can get a free meal at Wendy’s today. We can get it home by participating in Talktowendys and complete Wendy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. Here, we can learn the guidelines in Wendy’s survey and get our free meal. Good luck!

What is TalkToWendys?

Wendy’s Survey provides a survey portal which is called as TalkToWendys. Here, we can site it by online and give the assessment on Wendy’s performance. For a surprise, we can get a free meal as our reward in our next visit. Is it nice guys?


How are steps in TalkToWendys?

To complete all the survey sections, we must pass its steps by step. Overall, this survey portal is similar to another survey portal. If you want to know more about the other survey portal, you can find and learn it on There, you can also find a complete instruction about Wendy’s Survey.

And, the steps to join in TalkToWendys are:

• At first, we can search the survey site on or on our internet devices.

• Then, we should send the information about the store restaurant number, day and date of the last visit, and choose the eligible language instruction. In this case, you can see the information in our current receipt and choose the languages between English or Spanish.

• After that, TalkToWendys also wants to know about our survey number. It will be available on our last receipt.

• The next section is the most important section where we can give your assessment related to Wendy’s performance. It will start on one to five score.

• Afterward, we can give our recommendation and complaints. Before it, this site will ask us some descriptive questions and allows us to write the answer in detail.

• At last, we can send your review and leave your personal information. So, Wendy’s customer service can contact us easily.

• After we send our review on, the validation code will appear on our screen. At that time, we can write it down on our current receipt and show it on our next visit.

What are the rules in TalkToWendys?

Because of the high customers’ willingness to take part in this survey, TalkToWendys offers some rules to decide the best winner. And, here the rules are:

• We must be at least 18 years old and be the United States’ citizen. • The survey invitation number will be available in not more than two hours of our last visit. • We are not Wendy’s employee or its family. • We can understand the basic of English or Spanish.

What are the prerequisites in TalkToWendys?

To make us easy to complete all the steps on the survey, we must prepare some prerequisites before joining in Wendy’s Survey. What are they?

• Firstly: The first thing that we need to prepare is a set of computers. Even, we can use our laptop, tablet or Smartphone. • Secondly: The next thing is about our receipt. At this moment, we need to make sure that we have kept it well. • Thirdly: We need to ensure that we have a stable internet connection and have a good internet device such as Mozilla, Chrome, UC-Browser, and so on. • Lastly: To complete all questionnaire sections, we need to have enough time in about five to ten minutes.

What Can We Get?

After joining in TalkToWendys, we can get a large chance to win a free meal. In this occasion, we can enjoy a free salad or hamburger. Even, we can get a free $2 discount off our next order. So, it is the best time to eat many guys. Come on, go to Wendy’s restaurant now! And, see you there!