The fast-food industry grows very well in the US. That is why it seems impossible to separate the fast-food restaurant from American’s life. We do not know why American really loves eating this kind of food. Perhaps this type of restaurant can serve the meal quickly. Besides, the price is quite reasonable. Furthermore, the menu items served in the quick-service restaurants are various. As a result, the customers can have the wide range of menu selections. So, they will never get bored visiting the fast-food outlet. It is because they can choose the different menu item every time they visit.

Furthermore, there are also many casual restaurants available. The customers are free to choose where they will go to dine in. For instance, they can visit American style restaurant or Tex-Mex restaurant. Besides, they also can go to an Italian-style restaurant to enjoy pasta or pizza.

It is undeniable that the fast-food industry expands very quickly. The revenue of this business can achieve nearly $200 billion. This earning is not surprising. It is because wherever we go, we will see how crowded the fast-food restaurants are. Many people are making a line to order their meal. Many cars queue in the drive-thru lane. Besides, many restaurants have the delivery and carry out service. This system enables the customers to order their meal more conveniently.

Furthermore, most of the fast-food restaurants offer the low price for their meal. You can fill up your stomach just by spending $5. But, for some people, the price of the menu items in the certain restaurants are still high. Therefore, they find the way to save their money when they come to this restaurant. In order to get the lower price of the meal, you just need to customize your order. In this article, we suggest you some tricks to save your money when you dine in at the fast-food store. Besides, we also give some tips how to get the fresher meal from those restaurants.

1. McDonald’s.

The popularity of this fast-food chain is undebatable. This company has the largest number of chains in the world. No doubt, McDonald’s has a lot of loyal fans. But, have you known that some menu items in this chain are not fresh? It is because they use the frozen ingredients. But, there are some tricks to get the fresher entrees from McDonald’s. Besides, here you also can check out some tips to save your budget when you dine in McDonald’s.

• Request a round egg for your sandwich instead of the scrambled egg. Round egg has the better taste and quality than the scrambled egg. Sometimes, the scrambled egg which is pressed into the patty is not fresh. Besides, when you ask for the round egg, the McDonald’s store crew will make it immediately for you. Furthermore, you do not need to pay the extra charge for this substitution. • Order the Double Cheeseburger instead of Big Mac. If you want to save $2.30, you should order the Double Cheese Burger without mustard and ketchup. Then, you can add the special sauce and lettuce to your cheeseburger. You may not be able to get the bun with sesame seed. But, you can enjoy the burger as delicious as Big Mac at the lower price. • Customize your sausage McMuffin. The price of Sausage McMuffin with egg is $2.99. But, you can save $1.30 if you order a la carte Sausage McMuffin. Then, if you want the extra egg, you can order the round egg. You just need to pay $0.5 for this extra egg. • Order the steamed bun. If you want to enjoy the fresh taste of your burger or sandwich, you can request the steamed bun. This way, you will receive the warm bun. By requesting the steamed bun, you can make sure that the McDonald’s makes your sandwich just right after you order it.

2. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is the second largest pizza house after Pizza Hut. Then, the most favorite pizza in this restaurant is the Honolulu Hawaiian. But, the price of this pizza is high. So, what can you do to enjoy this Hawaiian pizza at the lower price? The answer is that you just need to customize your pizza. You can order the large carryout pizza. Then, you can add three toppings on it. You can ask the Domino’s employee to add ham, bacon, and pineapple on it. This way, you can enjoy Hawaiian-like pizza. Ordering this custom pizza can save you $10. Furthermore, to enhance the Hawaiian flavor, you can request the red peppers and shredded Parmesan cheese. This additional topping only costs $3.

Besides, do you want to get Domino’s pizza at the discounted price? You should call the local branch of Domino’s pizza. Then, you can ask them whether they are any pizzas which the customers do not pick up. Usually, Domino’s will give you the discount for this pizza.

3. Subway.

The most favorite item in Subway is the Footlong sandwich. Ordering and splitting the Footlong is cheaper than ordering 6-inch portion of the sandwich. So, if you want to save some dollars, you can share your Footlong. Then, you can customize the cheese and other condiments.

Besides, do the topping of your sandwich often slip out the side? To avoid this messy, you can order Old-Cut-Style of Sub. This cut style will keep the ingredients tucked. When you order this type of cut, the Subway staff will not slice your sub along the side. But, the staff will slice your sub in a V shape. As a result, the bread will hold the toppings neatly.

Furthermore, if you want to get the cheaper drink, you can order the medium size cup of water. This drink only costs $0.6. Besides, if you purchase the bottled water, you have to pay $2.

4. Chipotle.

When you order the burrito in Chipotle, you can add more meat by picking two proteins. You do not need to pay the extra cost for these proteins. But, you have to pay the protein which is more expensive. Besides, at Chipotle, you can order extra rice for free. Furthermore, you can save much money if you order the kids menu. Just by spending less than $5, you can receive the full meal, drink as well as the side dish. Usually, Chipotle serves the kids meal along with chips, fruit, soda, or milk. Besides, as the main dish, you can choose the original cheese quesadilla, tacos, or quesadilla with guacamole and meat. Furthermore, if you skip adding the protein your meal, you can get free guacamole.

Also, you can save by making two meals for two people just by ordering a burrito bowl. Do not be shy to ask for free taco shell or tortilla. Then, you can split a half of your burrito bowl and wrap it in your tortilla. This way, you can save much budget since you only pay one for two people.

5. Starbuck.

There are some tips you can apply to save your money at Starbuck. First, instead of purchasing two glasses of grande drip coffee, you can share a French press. This way, you can save $2.10. Then, you need to notice that ordering the short latte or tall size give you the same amount of caffeine. The next, you should request the light ice when you order the iced coffee. It is because more ice in your glass means that you get the less beverage.

6. Burger King.

When you dine in Burger King, there are some tips you can do in order to get the fresh entrees. First, if you want to enjoy the fresher sandwich, you have to customize it. For instance, you can request extra cheese or pickles on your burger. This customization will guarantee that you receive the fresh burger. It is because Burger King staff will not unwrap the ready sandwich. They will make the new sandwich for you. Besides, you also can get the freshest burger if you say OTB when you order. OTB means Off the Broiler. When you request it, Burger King crew will cook the fresh patty for you. But, to enjoy this fresh patty, you need to wait for seven minutes. It is worth since you will not receive the patty which is staying on the warming tray all days.

Furthermore, you should try $4 deal from Burger King. This special deal can give you five menu items. When you order it, you will get the crispy chicken nugget, bacon cheeseburger, and small fries. Besides, you will also get chocolate chip cookie and the small drink.

Those are several tricks to save your money when you eat out in the certain restaurant. Besides, the tips above also inform you the way to get the fresh meal even you purchase it in the quick service restaurant. Now, we will give you the additional tips for saving. You can get the free item from the restaurant above if you take the survey. Just access keliamoniz to see the list of restaurants which offer the survey reward. As the example, you can get the discount and freebies from McDvoice, MyBKexperience, TellSubway, and Chipotle Survey.